Ark Christian Center

You Are what God is Looking for!



To bring people into a personal, intimate knowledge, experience and communion with their Heavenly Father through the corporate anointing by

 the Word and Glory of God.

To give time in our church services for the Lord to manifest His Presence and Glory to change people’s lives.

To build a Center to reach out to all generations so they can experience our Heavenly Father’s love and delivering power.

To preach and teach the Word of God
with demonstrations of the Spirit.

To allow the corporate gifting’s of the Body to operate in purity.

To support missionary endeavors around the world who are preaching the Gospel with
We would like to invite you and your family to come and join with us in Worship and Praise Sunday mornings at 10 am.

We believe that time spent in the Presence of the Lord is never wasted time.

Come Celebrate Life in Christ Jesus with us!